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What is Grip Sheet?

GRIP SHEET is a Non slip sheet / tier sheet with exclusive anti-slip coating, used to reduce damage & protect products distributed on pallets. Grip Sheet is the perfect solution to stabilise your bags, cartons or any kind of packages that require protection from slippage !!

It will prevent your products from slipping during handling and transportation due to high coefficient of friction (COF 50°).
GRIP SHEET will not only increase load stability it will also:

  • Reduce Slip between layers
  • Decrease your stretch wrap costs
  • Reduction in, or eliminate strapping
  • Decrease the amount of damages, product loss and complaints
  • Enhance your brand image

Grip sheets are 100% recyclable and reusable, made from recycled paper.

Grip Sheet

Available Coatings:

  • 100% Fully coated 1 or 2 sides
  • Alternated Bands (recommended for automatic applications)
  • Square Coating (economical)

Standard Size:

  • 1100 mm x 1100 mm

Available weights:

  • 90, 150, and 220 g/sqm

GradeThickness (in)Recommended for interlockingRecommended for column-stacking

Files attached to this product:

Square Grip


Up to 30% less expensive than our standard GRIP SHEET (100% coated on both sides)

SQUARE GRIP coating is available in:

  • Recycled paper
  • PE coated paper (Water-Resistant)
  • PET plastic sheets (Waterproof)

The coefficient of friction depends on the size, material and weight of your packages.

Please contact us for free samples

Clear Grip

The CLEAR GRIP is a non-slip transparent plastic PET sheet.

It is waterproof, washable and tearproof.

  • Weight: 135 g/m²
  • Thickness: 0.008″ (0.220mm)
  • Coefficient of Friction (COF): 44.7°
  • Quantity per skid: 3,000 sheet

Files attached to this product:

Grip Pad

The anti-slip cardboard (chipboard or E-flute) GRIP PAD is especially designed for the most demanding applications.

If you are looking for a cardboard tier sheet stronger than our GRIP SHEET, the GRIP PAD is the solution you need.

GRIP PAD is available in E-flute or Chipboard, with a standard or waterproof GRIP SHEET coating.

GRIP PAD is reusable and recyclable.

Material : E-flute or Chipboard

Available Chipboard thicknesses : 20 pts, 30 pts, 40 pts, 80 pts, 120 pts and 160 pts* *1 pt = 0.001″

Pad Sizes : Standard 48 x 40″ and up to 60 x 120″

Files attached to this product:

Grip ‘N’ Slip Sheet

GRIP’N SLIP SHEET is an Anti-Skid Pad specially designed to replace the use of traditional wooden pallets in transportation and warehouse applications.

GRIP’N SLIP SHEET solves ordinary slip sheets problems and will help you reduce costs, eliminate slippage, secure loads, increase productivity and safety.

  • Eliminate Slippage & Secure Loads
  • Maintains products in place by friction, does not stick nor alter containers
  • No need to attach the stretch film like would be done with a pallet
  • No need for palletising equipment & adhesive that can damage containers in transit
  • Higher Productivity, Loads can be moved safely and faster on containers & forklifts
  • Increase Safety, Less potential for goods to fall with possible cause for injury
  • Eliminate Multiple Sheet Feeding, By construction & design, only one Grip N Slip sheet is picked each time
  • Construction: A thin Grip Sheet glued on Kraft Liner Board
  • Type of Glue Used: PVA
  • Colour: Brown
  • Thickness: (0.75m) Approx 800 – 1000kg / (1.05mm) 1100kg & above
  • Corners: Rounded, AT 45 degrees or right angle
  • Recyclable: With other paper or cardboard products
  • Australian Size: 1240mm x 1160mm (inc. 75mm tabs each edge )
  • New Zealand Size: 1000mm x 1200mm (+ 75mm tabs each edge)

Files attached to this product:

Cut ‘N’ Grip

Fully Automatic sheet dispenser, the ” CUT N GRIP ” is an all in one sheet dispenser with automatic cutter.

Ideal for cutting big volumes. It is extremely easy to operate and to integrate into the control of a new build or existing palletising line. Manual or completely automatic, the sheets are cut directly from the roll and can be placed automatically or manually in between different products on the pallet. The cutting can be set on the required dimensions using the control panel. The Cut N Grip repeats the procedure sheet by sheet.

  • The sheet can be cut in different formats coming from the same roll
  • Optimization of the working time of the robot or the pallet stapler
  • No falling or sticking sheets
  • Integration of one robot for fully automatic palletisation, optimisation’s of stop times
  • Easy assembly and convenient, the Cut N Grip is delivered as an assembly package
  • Easy to install and requires little maintenance
  • Machines adapted to the needs of the client ( order based )
  • The standard version of Cut N Grip can be adapted to the workspace or your requirements
  • Length and height of the table can also be adapted to your needs
  • Machine can be manufactured in Stainless Steel, Galvanised or a Company Colour

Files attached to this product:

“I have tried various anti-slip solutions, but the Grip Sheet 150gr has proved its worth. the paper-based material not only provides excellent grip but also aligns with our commitment to reducing plastic waste. A reliable and eco-conscious choice for any business.”

JAMES M – Kilsyth South, VIC

“We’ve halved the amount of stretch wrap per pallet, massively reducing our plastic waste. Grip Sheets anti-slip technology keeps our products secure, and the paper’s eco-friendly nature aligns perfectly with our sustainability goals. Looks good to the major chains also”

SARAH B – Toowoomba, QLD

“Exceptional grip, easy handling – Grip Sheet has nailed it! The Grip Sheet 90 is now a necessity on our packaging line. We’ve seen a significant drop in damaged goods, this has allowed us to increase pallet height, saving both us and the customer in excessive freight charges.”

SEAN F – Seven Hills, NSW

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